LIFE Leadership: What Do You Do?

Below is a wonderful post from LIFE Founder Orrin Woodward about “What Is LIFE Leadership and What We Do…”

Many times, I get asked what I do and my answer has been honed down to a few simple statements. It’s amazing to me how many people recognize something is wrong financially in the world, but how few have a plan to fix their personal finances. Enter LIFE Leadership and the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). It’s a systematic plan to eliminate debt, start investing in themselves, and begin building a business asset (bridge building versus barge working) by teaching others how to escape the Financial Matrix.

Of course, not everyone is looking for answers, but I have never seen a time where more people are in tune with the challenges and seeking help. I have always helped people financially as I realized the negative effects of debt stress early in life. The Bible states, “The borrower is a slave to the lender.”

If one of your friends was in trouble, wouldn’t you want to help? Friends, in a  word, don’t let friends stay enslaved.

Here is the gist of discussions I have been having with people since I discovered the Financial Matrix. Indeed, many people, who have known for years, are now wanting to get together and talk because the messaging is so clear, simple, and logical. What is your plan out of the Financial Matrix?

Question: What do you do?

I am a Director on the Underground Railroad, helping people escape the Financial Matrix.

Question: What’s the Financial Matrix?

It’s the aristocracy’s most effective system of control ever. It ensures debt and stress for the people and profit and control for them. The problem is the increased debt levels for people and governments are unsustainable. Have you noticed the rapid increase in debt levels around the world?

Yes or No or Maybe So

The good news is that there is a step-by-step plan out of the Financial Matrix. I cannot promise anything, but I think it’s worth grabbing a coffee and going over some of the details to ensure your family is protected. Which night works best for you Wed or Thursday?


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How To Get People Into Action With One Simple Question

This is a wonderful article by Keith Webb, a leadership coach and speaker. The difference between “planning-action” and “implementation-action” are a great differentiator on your leadership journey!

One of the toughest things in leadership is getting people into action. I discovered one simple, yet profound, question that motivates people to get into action.

People work hard. It feels like we are in action. We have meetings, plan, write proposals, and consult with others. These activities are one type of action. I think of them as planning-action. It’s easy to let planning-action keep us from the actions that produce something tangible: launch a product or service and generate revenue. I call this implement-action.

We need both planning-action and implement-action.

It is implement-action, however, that pays the bills, generates market share, and makes an impact in the world. A lot of people are satisfied with planning-action. It feels productive. The ultimate measure of productivity is implementation-action.

In my work coaching leaders I’ve discovered a question that will get people into both types of action. Before I share that question, let me speak to why asking a question is better than giving an order.

A Question Is Better Than An Order

This seems self-evident, but when we feel under pressure the “niceties” go out the window. Asking a question rather than giving an order isn’t just polite, it’s smart.

Here are a few reasons why:

Questions draw out the other person’s thinking, ideas, and perspectives.

Questions increase ownership – the answers are theirs.

Questions may produce new learning – for them and for you.

Questions show respect – for their ideas, thinking, and them as people.

Beginning with a question makes a powerful statement about your trust and respect for the person, and creates greater openness to your input. You can always add something of your own during the discussion.

The Question That Gets People Into Action

I discovered a question that is non-threatening and open enough that is works in just about any situation to help get people into action. Here’s the question:

“What actions could you take to move forward?”

Simple! But there’s power in the wording. Let’s take a look the construction of this question.

What… Begin with an open question that will encourage reflection. “Do you have any actions…” is easily answered with one word answers: no, not really, maybe, or yes. Beginning with “what” makes people think and answer in full sentences.

actions… Ask for action, but not just one, ask for actions. Multiple actions will generate deeper thinking and more creative ideas. The results can be combined into one action or perhaps several actions to approach the situation. Think plural.

could you take… “Could you take,” will generate ideas a little bit more freely than, “will you take.” The “could” removes pressure of having to commit to something upon saying it. I often circle around after hearing their ideas and discussing them, to ask, “So, which of these will you commit to doing?”

… to move forward? This phrase is the key. “Move forward” allows for a process, next steps, and partial completion. It expects progress without demanding everything to be accomplish with this action. If you ask, “What actions will you take to solve this problem?” you are asking for all-or-nothing. It’s often too much for one giant leap. People will back off and possibly become defensive. Whereas, “… to move forward” feels quite free, while still understanding that you expect progress.

You can direct the person to a specific area for action by adding the context to the end of the question. So, it becomes: What actions could you take to move forward on this project? …with your homework? …on becoming a better leader? etc.

You can also bridge between planning-action and implement-action by asking: What actions could you take to move forward in implementation? 

I encourage you to use this question today with a co-worker, child, or friend. Watch what happens to your conversation and the other person’s progress!

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Leadership is an Inside Job

Below is a wonderful article from LIFE Leadership CEO and best selling author Chris Brady on how leadership begins inside each and every one of us. Are you leading yourself so you can lead other? If you are, over time you will become the best of the best in leadership.

“I need someone to make me do what I know I need to do,” said one, “I need someone to motivate me,” said another, “I could do more if you would just hold me accountable like a boss,” said still another.  These and other comments by the hundreds of this nature I have heard in my years of working with and trying to develop other leaders.  These statements, although all well-intended and hopeful, are way off the mark.

Leadership is an inside job.  If someone from the outside is required to push you, or to motivate you, or to manage you like a boss does an employee, in order for you to perform as a leader, then you probably need to get out the Launching a Leadership Revolution book and read it all over again.  Leaders are not pushed from without, they are driven from within.

One of the precepts of the book is that leadership begins and ends with Hunger.  If a person isn’t hungry deep inside for achievement, for changing something about their world, for making something better, for winning or advancing, then they are not a leader at all.  Don’t get me wrong.  People can still be productive, honorable, and valuable outside of the realm of hunger, but they should never be called a leader, no matter what their official title or position.Hawkeye

What happens inside of people that makes them decide to take personal responsibility for leading?  What is it that makes up the substance of leadership?  This is not an easy question to answer.  Thousands of books, including ours, makes the attempt.  But no matter how much it is studied, or how much it is written about, leadership will always have an elusive quality to it.  That’s because it is part art, and not all science.  It is wrapped up in the very identity of the leader.  But it’s spark has everything to do with hunger.  How it is manifested is largely art, but how it begins is through the courage of conviction that becomes a hunger.

I have nothing but the highest respect for the people who choose to push, strive, grow, and advance when times get tough or confusing.  It’s when people are left more to their own in the turmoil of the storm that you find out the level of their leadership abilities.  Tough times reveal tough leaders, and conversely, they expose imposters.

Don’t ask your mentor to motivate you.  Don’t ask to have your hand held.  Don’t ask to be coddled.  Such is not the territory of a leader.  Ask for a challenge.  Ask for danger.  Ask for something that causes your heart to beat faster and your palms to sweat.  Ask for a test of your courage, your character, and your staying power.  Ask for that, and I’ll know you have the infant spark of hunger that starts all leaders.  Finish the journey through thick and thin and I’ll know you ARE a leader.  Help others to do the same, and I’ll know that you are among the rarest of leaders.

Or, you can make excuses and blame your spouse.  You can say the challenge was too hard, or that conditions weren’t right.  You can say timing wasn’t good, or blame someone else for your circumstances.  You can say you were busy, or tired.  You can blame confusion and lack of information.  You can blame your mentor, or even the President.  Bosses make good scapegoats, too.  You can blame your health or your age or your birth.  Hide behind your color or your gender or your past.  You could also blame your parents.  You could claim offense and say someone hurt your feelings.  You could blame your finances, too.

But leaders never fix blame, they just fix problems.  Leaders never make excuses, they make progress.  Leaders never hide behind circumstances, they throw themselves in the way of danger.  Leaders don’t cower at the dock when the sea kicks up, they head out on the open ocean with all sails a-flyin’.  Oh yes, it’s a rare person that musters the courage to lead.  It’s a tough individual that answers the call of courage.  And there is nothing that says that it can’t be YOU.

Lead on!  And be prepared to do most of it yourself.


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Surround Yourself with The Best

Are you surrounding yourself with the best of the best? Do you know how to hire the best? Are you bringing people onto your team that are better than you in certain areas?

In this video, New York Times bestselling author and LIFE Leadership CEO Chris Brady discusses the concept that it in order to be an effective leader, one needs to assemble a team of other leaders. He explains that the best leaders are ones that bring together groups of fellow leaders rather than groups of followers and “Yes Men”.







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