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LIFE Leadership: What Do You Do?

Below is a wonderful post from LIFE Founder Orrin Woodward about “What Is LIFE Leadership and What We Do…” Many times, I get asked what I do and my answer has been honed down to a few simple statements. It’s

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Get Financially Fit & Dream Big

One of the best tools LIFE Leadership has to offer is the Financial Fitness Pack. Why? Because everyone has to deal with money throughout their lives.  A great question to ask yourself is, “are my money habits getting me further

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A great post from LIFE Founder Tim Marks! My wife and I hold 3 liberal arts degrees combined and though this article was published almost a decade following our graduation from Michigan State University, we innately felt this pressure back

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The Debt Trap of Western Civilization

A wonderful article from LIFE Leadership Founder Orrin Woodward: Western Civilization is in the midst of a life and death struggle with its monetary system. The financial elites have bound society with the most oppressive monetary system ever created, where

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