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Leadership is an Inside Job

Below is a wonderful article from LIFE Leadership CEO and best selling author Chris Brady on how leadership begins inside each and every one of us. Are you leading yourself so you can lead other? If you are, over time

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Big League Award for One of America’s Best: Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward’s website was just voted the IAB’s 2011 Top Leadership Website Award Winner! ¬† Congratulations to Orrin Woodward for this accomplishment. ¬†Honored and proud to know you and watch first hand as you lead from the front every single

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The LIFE TEAM Community: What Is It?

The post below is from Orrin Woodward, founder of the LIFE TEAM Community. It describes perfectly the reasons we are excited to be a part of a community that develops individuals and helps develop others at the same time! Read

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LIFE Founders & Life Coach: Tim + Amy Marks

Our mentors in LIFE are Tim and Amy Marks, who we’ve had the pleasure of knowing for several years. They have been instrumental in helping us stretch and grow our leadership ability in both our personal and professional lives. Below

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Russ & Rebecca Climie are known to be the best at helping other people reach into the toolbox of leadership to achieve something that matters.

They are famous for helping people live the lives they've always wanted, specifically those leaders who are driven to succeed in significant ways and are sick of the apathy, indifference and mediocrity they see all around them.
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