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How To Get People Into Action With One Simple Question

This is a wonderful article by Keith Webb, a leadership coach and speaker. The difference between “planning-action” and “implementation-action” are a great differentiator on your leadership journey! One of the toughest things in leadership is getting people into action. I┬ádiscovered

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Are You Willing to Fuel Your Dream?

Do you know the story of the 1980 Men’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team? The “Miracle on Ice”? Every great accomplish starts with a dream. We can’t expect to achieve anything great if we don’t first begin with a dream in

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LIFE Leadership: The Secret to Professional Advancement

Leadership Soft Skills: The Secret to Professional Advancement Do you want to get ahead in life? How about in your profession? Have you ever wondered why you’re not able to move ahead in life? Many times the question is asked,

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LIFE Leadership: Secrets Revealed

A wonderful article by LIFE Leadership Founder Orrin Woodward. Where are you going? Where the puck is or where the puck is going in your world? Wayne Gretzky’s quote drives home the importance of vision. Since vision is tomorrow’s reality

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