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Leadership is an Inside Job

Below is a wonderful article from LIFE Leadership CEO and best selling author Chris Brady on how leadership begins inside each and every one of us. Are you leading yourself so you can lead other? If you are, over time

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Let Go of Past Measurements

One of the biggest issues we have faced over the past decade of business ownership has been how to leave the past in the past and take new measurements in not only our business, but our personal lives. LIFE Coach

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Trust and Character in the New Economy

The landscape of business is very different than it was twenty years ago. In this video, New York Times bestseller and LIFE Founder Orrin Woodward discusses some of the differences between this new, emerging economy and the old, dwindling economy,

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How Is Your Self-Talk?

We are in a constant inner battle between our positive and negative self-talk. Too often our negative self talk triumphs over the positive. In order to have any chance of our positive self-talk winning, we must be intentional with how

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They are famous for helping people live the lives they've always wanted, specifically those leaders who are driven to succeed in significant ways and are sick of the apathy, indifference and mediocrity they see all around them.
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